Throughout time several priests lead the orthodox congregation from Monroe. Their impact on community is written in heaven and long lasting in parishioners memory. Bellow is a chronological list of them, with the approximate period of service:

2011 to present: Fr. Evdokimos-Martin Harding

2008-2011: Fr. Dimitri Leusis

Father Dimitri served as parish priest for almost three years, from December 2008 to April 2011. He was a priest but also an iconograper. In his kindness he painted the altar, leaving his touch on our parish.

2000-2008: three priests served the flock from time to time during the 8 years (2000-2008) when the parish was without a regular priest: Fr. Teodor Bita, and Fr. Theoharis Theoharis (Jackson MS), and Fr. Brendan Pelphrey (Shreveport, LA)

1980-2000: Fr. David Buss

1970’s: Fr. Dimitrios Sakelarides

1954-1960: Fr. Spyridon Markopoulos,  the first priest