Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church is under Canonical jurisdiction of the Metropolis of Atlanta, The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, And the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Our mission is to serve the religious needs of the Orthodox faithful, those born in the faith and converts; those of interfaith marriage; students and the un-churched. To minister to all Orthodox faithful regardless of ethnic or economic background.

In order that we may accommodate everyone, our services are primarily in English with the use of some Greek. The Church, as a living witness of Jesus Christ, has the desire that everyone embrace Him through the Holy Eucharist. We welcome all who are in need of spiritual growth and guidance and who seek to embrace God through the teachings of his Holy Church.

Current service schedules are shown below. The church is located at 2011 Forsythe Avenue in Monroe, LA 71201.

The Parish Priest is Father Eudokimos Martin Harding and can be reached at 318-325-1764.


Schedule of services for March 2024

Weekday services Tuesday to Saturday orthros 6:00am vespers 5:15pm unless otherwise stated below. All services will be in church.

17th Forgiveness Sunday (Cheese fare )

Orthros 9:30 Divine Liturgy 10:30

Followed by the Vespers of Forgiveness

No Sunday School

Prosforo: Tommy McDougald

18th Clean Monday 5:15 Great Canon I

19th Tuesday 5:15 Great Canon II

20th Wednesday 9:00am Liturgy of the presanctified gifts

5:15 Great Canon III

21st Thursday 5:15 Great Canon IV

22nd Friday

5:15 Salutations to the Theotokos 1

24th Sunday of Orthodoxy

Orthros 9:30 Divine Liturgy 10:30 No Sunday School

Followed by The Procession of Icons.

Prosforo: Chi Sangster

25th Monday Annunciation of the Theotokos

Orthros 8:00 Divine Liturgy 9:00

27th Wednesday

6:00pm Liturgy of the presanctified gifts.

29th Friday

5:15 Salutations to the Theotokos 2

31st Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas

Orthros 9:30 Divine Liturgy 10:30 Memorial

Prosforo: Tommy McDougald

Koliva: Lisa Post