Monthly Announcements

1. A.) Anyone wishing to come to church and is not able to drive,
Please call to make arrangements to have someone pick you up.

B.) If you, or someone from the parish, is in the hospital, for any reason, Please call Fr.

C.) Anyone wishing to come to church, at any time, to light a candle or for prayer,
Call with the time and day to open the doors. The church is available to everyone.

2. Communion: Only baptized/chrismated Orthodox Christians who have prepared through Prayer, fasting, alms giving, and recent Confession may receive Communion. If you would like To become Orthodox, please see Fr.

3. Holy Bread (Antidoron): After Communion, those who have received the Body & Blood of Christ should consume a piece of bread to cleanse the mouth of the holy gifts. As the
Bread is blessed, it should be handled with great care and not be broken or passed around by, Or among the laity. Everyone is welcome to come forward at the end of Liturgy to reverence the Cross, and receive a piece of the holy bread. Most importantly, NO part of the bread, or crumbs, should fall on the ground.

4. Your 2018 Parish Council:

Fr. Eudokimos, Parish Priest  318-325-1764; e-mail:
President: Linda Macheras, 318-343-0603; e-mail:
Vice President: Caliope Poulos; 318-435-4475; e-mail:
Treasurer: John Forsell, 318-737-9291; e-mail:
Secretary: Walt Garlington, 318-345-7685; e-mail:
Member: Diane James; 318-537-4525

From the Parish Council President…

No Agapes during the Summer months.

The Parish is still in need of: compartment plates, napkins, paper towels, bowls,
big and small drinking cups, plastic utensils, toilet tissue, coffee, creamer, sugar,
salt, pepper, bathroom cleaning supplies, liquid soap for bathrooms, windex.
Lysol spray and wipes, Cascade for dishwasher and anything else someone thinks we need.

Also, we are going back to members cleaning on an assigned date.
If someone is unable to clean, please e-mail President, Linda Macheras at prior to our making the list.

5. Tithing, giving 10% of one’s income is God-pleasing,
As are all gifts offered by pious and cheerful givers with humble hearts.
Also, a new card must be on file each year for members to be in “good standing”.
Stewardship Cards are available in the Narthex.

6. On Agape Sundays, Everyone is asked to bring their favorite dish to share, as well as;
“tidy up” after the Luncheon.

For those who are assigned, “Refreshments” on Sundays, we ask to “tidy up” after coffee.

PLEASE remember to:
Throw away any remaining coffee grinds in the coffee maker;
Throw away any remaining coffee in the pots;
Un-plug the coffee maker.
Throw away any lingering trash.
Wipe down any dirty surfaces on counters and tables.
Wash all utensils/pots/pans used and return them to their proper place.
Take any remaining trash out.
Turn off all lights, A/C or heating units.
And finally, make sure the building is locked.
THANK YOU for your understanding.

7. Please remember Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church
when making or changing your will. You have supported the Church all these years,
you can also support it in perpetuity.

8. In event you would like to make a donation in “Memory of” (Memorial); or
the “Health of” (Celebrants); please make your check payable to Sts. Constantine & Helen;
and memo accordingly. Thank you.

9. Check out the Church’s activities on our website,; or, follow
your monthly “paper bulletin”; or, your daily “e-mails”; or, “Like” us on our Facebook page.

10. If anyone would like to add; correct; or even remove a name(s) for the
Memorial; Prayer; or Celebrant List(s), PLEASE contact Andrianos Antis at or by mail: 107 Choctaw Drive, West Monroe LA 71291-7030.

11. If anyone would like to be added, or removed, from the church’s
e-bulletin mailing list, please send your request to

12. The Parish Council has approved a “Gyro Sale” for
Thursday, September 20,
From 10:00am-4:00pm.
PLEASE NOTE, this will be a 1-day Sale.

Volunteers are Needed!
For more information, contact Chairwoman,
Mariana Forsell at 318-737-9291;  or by e-mail at:

Or,  Your 2018 Parish Council (See Above)


Please continue to pray for:
Crissie Bains and Family
Father David Buss
Frances Counce
Jimmie George
Mrs. Nellie Hall and Family
Victoria Pavlou Laird & Family
The Dean Macheras Family
Melanie McNease
Dorothy Pavlou
Parascovia Pintilei
Caliope Poulos and Family
Jordan Prinaris
Ghenadie Prodan
Stanislav Prodan
Svetlana Prodan
Jackson Reeks
The Tennyson Family
Mrs. Carol Webster
Audrey Antis
Briana Antis


01-Ecclesiastical New Year
04-Lynn Antis-Birthday
09-Jimmie & Alex George-Anniversary
14 Olitsa & Trey Robbins-Anniversary
16-Noula Rodakis-Birthday
17-Sophia, Faith, Hope, Love
Sophia Antis-Nameday
24-Alex George-Birthday


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